After school in Miami Shores

In a family-like atmosphere, players serenely learn and train in a fast-paced, energetic atmosphere designed for players of all ability levels.

Low coach-to-kids ratio ensures the best experience

An alternative to tennis academies

My after-school program is a small structure that offers a type of coaching that really makes the difference by tailoring to each player’s style and individual needs.

My years of experience and European training ensure an experience like no other in a fun-learning environment. The enrollment is limited to provide a low player to staff ratio in order to ensure the best experience.

When it all begins...

Because ages 6 to 18 are critical years to build a strong based game and technique, focus should be on constructing the game, without any competition-related pressure. It's the perfect age to learn rigor and good habits. Because each player’s abilities are different, they are consistently evaluated: expectations are discussed and goals set.

Teaching method and beliefs

Strong foundation - Each step of the learning process is respected based on age and motor skills capacities. Players work on the complete set of technical basis: Footwork (right footwork in the right situation), stroke and timing, racket grasp, game strategy etc.via fun games and drills.

Independent learning - Players are taught to work autonomously, and given targeted objectives based on their unique needs. They play during the entirety of the session and manage their time by going from workshop to workshop independently.

Game development plan - I create a customized development plan for each player. My goal is to harmoniously develop a simple and autonomous game while respecting the past work and develop it further layer after layer. Keep in mind that building and understanding his game will take a player several years.

“I made it look so easy on court all those years. No one realized how hard I had to work. No one realized how much I had to put into it. They underestimated my intensity.” — Pete Sampras

My philosophy

Fred Bonal - Tennis Coach

I always assess and work with each player individually to understand his game and prepare a development plan for his game. This allows me to teach them the fundamentals of a simple and autonomous competition game and build their young carrier by setting up clear goals with them.

My philosophy is geared at harmoniously developing the players’ game. We do not make changes just to prove that we know what we are talking about but rather respect the work that was previously done and develop and strengthen it.

Keep in mind that building and understanding his game will take a player several years.