UTR Progressive tournaments

Play Different and improve your competitive game!

Level-based tournament format - Competition opportunity for every player level. Play at YOUR level and move UP as you win. Guaranteed to play on your first round against an opponent of similar UTR ranking for best enjoyment and development.

Tournament hosted by Pure Tennis USA, at Barry University

The Miami Progress Tour

The Miami Progress Tour is an independent series of level-based and progressive prize money tennis events, which are ideal for any tennis player seeking a little more from their competition. The tour seeks to provide increased playing and earning opportunities for aspiring young tennis players, as well as current and former professional players. The tour offers competitive opportunities to every level of player, with all results being submitted to Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

Progressive Tournaments are great opportunities:

  • To improve game quality against opponents at your level
  • Three matches minimum
  • Back draw at similar game level

Level-based competition has been proven to be the most beneficial tool for player enjoyment and development.

Tournament details

Tournament details

  • Singles Men & Women / Single elimination / Two sets with 10-point tiebreak third set / No coaching allowed
  • First round losing will play back draw at their level to improve competitive game
  • Surface: Hardcourt
  • Tournament Director: Fred Bonal
  • Hosted by Pure Tennis USA
  • At Barry University, 11300 NE 2nd Av., Miami Shores FL 33161, USA